At Oklahoma Heart Hospital, we recognize that lack of insurance can be a barrier to healthcare for many people in our state. That’s why we created the Clinic for the Uninsured.
The concept came about through partnership between the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation (OHHRF) and Mercy Hospital when they realized the need for specialty care for uninsured patients. While primary care clinics already existed to cover routine needs, they often could not address more specialized needs like cardiac care.
Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of uninsured patients in the country, and clinics like these help care for people in need plus reduce the total cost of treating these patients by being more proactive with their care.
A low-cost option for those who need it
Oklahoma Heart Hospital and OHH Research Foundation partnered with Mercy Hospital and other local donors to create a clinic for the uninsured in Midwest City, Oklahoma.
Specialist physicians volunteer their time to help those in need who can’t otherwise afford care. We offer many services and specialties at the clinic, including ultrasounds, treadmill stress testing, cardiology, electrophysiology, pulmonology, and nephrology. With these services we can help fill in the gaps for those who really need it.
To be eligible for care, patients must be uninsured and unable to qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, or benefits through Veterans Affairs.
If you or someone you know is uninsured and needs access to specialized care, reach out to the Clinic for the Uninsured. We can help walk you through the process and connect you to the care you need.