Lori Bacon is an excellent nurse at the Outpatient Clinic, located at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, OK. The clinic is open to all children.


by Vickie Jenkins – Writer/Photographer

The Pediatric Clinic at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to treating children in the community. Uniquely staffed by a team comprised of Oklahoma’s finest doctors and nurses, children receive comprehensive treatment ranging from general pediatrics to advanced medical care.
One of the friendliest nurses you will ever meet is Lori Bacon, LPN. Growing up in Oklahoma City, she never knew when she applied for a job as a receptionist at the Children’s Center eighteen years ago; it would lead to becoming a nurse. “I was asked if I would be interested in working as a CNA on the third shift. After the proper training, I knew that this would be a job that I would never want to leave. I was right,” Lori said, with a big smile.
Lori has a very definite answer as to why she is a nurse. “I like being a child advocate. I try to be that voice for the children. All of the people here and the children are very dear to me.”
Lori works at the Pediatric clinic with Dr. Brannan. “I like seeing the variety of children come in. Did you know that this is a regular doctor’s office? What is so great about this is the children, some with disabilities, some not, the children don’t even notice a difference in each other; they all get along with each other.”
When I asked Lori what she wanted to be when she was a little girl, she said, “I always wanted to be a mom or a teacher. I guess I got that half right. I am a mom.”
What do you think your most valuable asset is? “I feel like I am good at my job. I work with Dr. Brannan, a specialist with children with bone disabilities. I do the infusions so I feel like I have a lot of experience in that area. I also deal with the new families that come to the Children’s Center for the first time. After I talk to them, they feel more comfortable and more at ease,” she replied.
Asking Lori if she had any advice to give to someone going into the medical field, she said, “I would tell that person to be open-minded. Keep your patient’s feelings ahead of your own and never take anything for granted. The medical field has many different opportunities so choose something that you will like doing and never give up. It can be tough but it is so rewarding, you will be glad you stuck with it.”
What qualities do you think make a good nurse? “I think a nurse needs to be organized, and a quick thinker. They need to be compassionate, a problem solver and someone who is approachable,” she replied.
Now, onto the other fun things that Lori likes to do outside of work; “I love spending time with my wonderful husband, my twin boys, Andrew and Jacob, 13, and my sweet little girl, Amelia, 13 months. We try to travel when we get a chance, making memories; going on trips, trying new restaurants in small towns, jus spending time together as a family; memories like that can be much better than a gift in my opinion. It seems to work for our family,” Lori explained. “I am also a very crafty person and I love making arts and crafts. Of course, we like playing with our little dachshund too.”
Motivation comes easy for Lori. “I am motivated by my family and the children here. I have a strong foundation built on faith and family. My advice for someone going into the medical field is don’t give up! Lori said. “There are so many areas to choose from in the medical field. Don’t take your job for granted. If you choose your job, it shouldn’t feel like work, it should feel like a privilege whether it be for hospice, a nursing home or a hospital. Taking care of others is definitely a privilege.”
“My main focus here is to do the best job I can, knowing that there is a child that needs me.”
Summing up her life in one word, Lori said it would have to be the word, “JOY.”

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