The Southern Nazarene University (SNU) School of Nursing (SON) has been graduating nurses since 1982. SNU graduates have established a reputation for not only being well educated but having those most important qualities of caring, empathy, and sympathy towards their clients. SNU graduates embody the philosophy of the school of nursing, which can be summarized in the words THINK, DO, LOVE!
Many wonderful and outstanding individuals have worked as faculty members at the SNU School of Nursing over the years, each making a unique contribution to the profession through their teaching arts. The current faculty have recently completed a major revision to the traditional undergraduate curriculum to ensure the courses meet the current required standards of education expected from the regional employers. In addition, the importance of recognizing the global health environment has been brought to the forefront. Nursing students at SNU have a number of outreach opportunities, both local and international. These opportunities are expanding with each year!
As far as the SNU campus, two well-known “faculty” may be seen at the SON. Tillie Mae and Baby Snookums, both Mini Australian Shepherds, are certified by the Human Animal Link of Oklahoma as Therapy Dogs. Students enjoy the dogs and often find a non-judgemental listening ear when nursing school becomes too stressful. The dogs often “work” the lobby, going from student to student to provide a happy greeting or visiting a classroom prior to an exams to bring a sense of calm.
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