Working at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic in Pediatrics is Anna Adams, RN, BSN where she cares for her patients with love and compassion.

by Vickie Jenkins, Staff Writer

Anna Adams, RN, BSN is the Pediatric Case Manager at Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. Making children happy has always been a real desire for Anna.
Growing up in Rochester, New York, Anna moved to OKC in 2014. Anna had a desire to help children in some way, wanting to become a teacher. She became a music teacher. Then came her second career, being a nurse. She wanted to continue to educate, help and work with children, but in a different way. 鈥淢y previous degree was in Music Education so I had a lot of science classes to take before starting nursing school. Attending the University of Oklahoma, I enjoyed being back in school and learning so much. (story continues below)

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I have been a nurse for three years now and have been here in Pediatrics for almost two years. As a nurse, I can still work with children but in a completely different way. I am able to educate my patients and their family, assisting them with their healthcare needs. I also like the fact that in nursing, there are many different areas to work in and much to be learned,鈥 Anna explained. 鈥淏eing the Pediatric Case Manager has been a new experience for me and I have enjoyed working in this position in a clinic setting.鈥
Anna was influenced to become a nurse due to her grandmother being an RN. 鈥淢y grandmother is still a nurse and my grandfather is an MD. Plus my desire to be around children, everything just seemed to fall into place,鈥 she said.
鈥淚 feel fortunate that I get to continue to learn and grow in my education. I am also very happy with my experience that I had at OU Children鈥檚 Hospital, which was my first job as a nurse, and the knowledge that I obtained while working there. I am able to use that knowledge while organizing care for pediatric patients. OKCIC is a great place to work. The environment is friendly and I have great coworkers. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to work with children,鈥 Anna commented.
Anna stays busy throughout the day as Pediatric Case Manager as she processes and coordinates over one hundred fifty referrals per month. 鈥淭his includes reviewing records, organizing testing that might be needed, and placing follow up referrals. I spend time on the phone with patients and family members helping them to understand the referral process and answering questions they might have.鈥
Asking Anna if she considers herself a leader or a follower, she replied. 鈥淚鈥檓 a little of both. Some of Anna鈥檚 qualities for a nurse; To have compassion for the patients, friendly to all that enter, along with being very detail-oriented.
I鈥檓 also very flexible in my schedule. Situations can change at the last minutes so we always need to be ready,鈥 she said with a smile. 鈥淥ur schedules change constantly.鈥
How has the coronavirus changed your life? 鈥淎fter working at OKCIC, we had to make a lot of changes due to Covid-19. This meant helping out in other areas at the clinic where we normally do not work. We all worked together to make changes that were needed in order to provide the best and safest care we could. It definitely showed how important flexibility and teamwork are,鈥 Anna said.
What advice would you give to someone going into the medical field? 鈥淚 would tell them to study hard, even when things seem to get tough, continue on, don鈥檛 give up. I had such a desire to work with children and I know that being a nurse would give me plenty of paths to follow. I chose pediatrics and I love it,鈥 she said.
Anna鈥檚 hobbies include playing the piano and musical theater. 鈥淚 am currently directing Annie Jr. for a youth summer music program, and I play the piano and direct the choir for my church. I like helping children in any way that I can and I can鈥檛 seem to get away from it,鈥 she said. 鈥淣ot like I would want to,鈥 she added.
鈥淢y biggest reward that I receive as a nurse is knowing that I am helping patients get the care they need. I think that most nurses have that certain drive that makes them want to do the best job they can, caring for others as though they were their own family.鈥
Asking Anna if she could describe her life in three words, she replied, 鈥淭hat would be, busy, content, and fun.鈥