Oklahoma Christian University features premier program

Oklahoma Christian University combines three key features to create a unique program. OC’s School of Nursing helps registered nurses achieve a bachelors of science in nursing degree that is competency-based education (CBE), 100% online and offers a GPA transcript to create a RN-to-BSN program that has thought of everything.
CBE means a registered nurse’s training, education and work experience allow them to earn college credits for what they already know. Skip class for skills mastered on the job by testing out of that segment and earning college credit. Start an online, four-month subscription to the course material and test out of as many classes as possible for $4,000! Most students graduate within 12 months or three subscription periods.
Online degrees are for flexibility and convenience, not independent study! An Oklahoma Christian academic coach supports each student in all aspects of gaining a degree. Coaches are faculty members of the School of Nursing who communicate with students at least once each week to provide resources, answer questions and challenge deeper thought. Nurses use online classes to accommodate work schedules and hospital shifts, but still develop relationships within Oklahoma Christian’s online community of nursing students.
Oklahoma Christian’s RN-to-BSN perfectly prepares students for graduate school. Your courses will require writing scholarly papers and preparing professional presentations to fully equip you to pursue a master’s degree. Many schools offer BSNs using a pass/fail grading system, OC students earn grades and graduate with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) and a full transcript. Graduate schools require a GPA for admittance and Oklahoma Christian makes sure students graduate with all they need to advance their careers even further.
Oklahoma Christian helps undergraduates gain admittance into prestigious graduate schools around the world. It’s something we’re really good at. Share your dreams and goals with your mentor so we can join you on your journey and celebrate your successes.
OC Financial Services can help you navigate the cost of education. If you are currently employed as a nurse, check with your human resources department about tuition benefits that your employer may offer. Oklahoma Christian’s caring staff will help direct you to federal student loans, nursing grants or nursing scholarships, and payment plans.
Oklahoma Christian earned national nursing accreditation after meeting high standards of quality, peer review, and establishing self-regulation. A degree from an accredited program makes graduates more competitive in the job market. Employers prefer to hire accredited practitioners who are trained under nationally established standards for nursing education. Graduates from accredited nursing school programs qualify to attend other accredited schools to pursue advanced studies and master’s programs.